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The Wouxun KG-935G is a high-performance, dust and water resistant GMRS radio with 999 custom channels, NOAA weather, FM radio and more. It has been discontinued and replaced by the KG-935G Plus with advanced features and extra durability..

Dec 29, 2020 ... A quick review and overview of the Wouxun KG-805G 5-Watt GMRS Handheld walkie-talkie radio and test the power-output to see if the radio ...A U.S. ton, which is generally called a short ton or simply, a ton, is equivalent to approximately 907 kilograms. A metric ton is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms. The short ton is ba...

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1 The programming software should setup according "Run as Administrator". If not "Run as Administrator", it may can't connect successfully and need remove and re-setup. 2 When the programming software finish setup, it should set "compatibility" and choose "Run this program in compatibility mode" then choose "Windows XP".Jul 10, 2023 · On 7/10/2023 at 11:06 PM, focker said: I am tempted to get a KG-935G Plus and KG-UV9PX. I don’t think you would go wrong with those choices. The KG-935G Plus is just a great radio. I grab that more often than not. I think the KG-UV9PX being the ham sister to the KG-UV9GX and superheterodyne is a good ham choice.In Part 6 of this series, I cover how to set up your scan mode with the KG-935G.Please be sure to visit http://www.spectergear.com/Your patronage there helps...

The Wouxun CSN-002 is a nylon case with clear display window and belt clip for Wouxun KG-905G, KG-935G, KG-UV8H and KG-UV9 Series two way radios. Genuine Wouxun OEM accessory. Durable nylon case with fixed belt clip. Clear front window for unobstructed view of the radio display. Part number: CSN-002.My buddies told me to buy a Wouxun KG-935G handheld (it was back ordered a few weeks). It came in last week, and I have to say, all my problems went away. So I went ahead and ordered a Wouxun KG-1000G mobile radio. I'm waiting for it to come in (back ordered without an ETA), so I can finally use GMRS without all the frustration.Of course, the KG-Q10G is still fully PC programmable for maximum customization, thanks to software provided by Wouxun. In addition to the standard programmable options, the software supports channel import and export options. To make it easier, this radio is preloaded with all frequencies and channels for the GMRS band.NCO-002 Nylon Windowed HT Radio Case for Wouxun UV9-Series with Belt Clip. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) 29.99 Original price was: $29.99. 22.00 Current price is: $22.00. NCO-002 Nylon Windowed HT Radio Case for Wouxun UV9-Series with Belt Clip. In stock (can be backordered)

A U.S. ton, which is generally called a short ton or simply, a ton, is equivalent to approximately 907 kilograms. A metric ton is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms. The short ton is ba...The Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Two Way Radio delivers everything you would expect from the original KG-935G plus more! Designed with the serious power user, the KG-935G Plus gives you the ultimate GMRS experience! The KG-935G Plus transmits on all 15 high powered GMRS simplex channels, 8 low powered simplex channels and all 8 GMRS repeater ...One thing to note though is that the antenna on the Q10G is glued on. It is removable with a significant amount of force (which will irreparably damage the stock antenna) but it is very difficult to do, and voids the warranty. Want wide receive capability, go with Q10G. Want antenna options, go with 935G. 5. ….

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Air cargo plays a crucial role in global trade, facilitating the transportation of goods across borders efficiently and quickly. When it comes to air cargo, one important considera...The RT Systems RPS-KG935G and 935G Plus Programming softwares make it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the Wouxun KG-935G and KG-935G Plus radios. Be sure to install the program for your radio model. Click here for more Information.

The Authentic Nagoya NA-701G and NA-771G are GMRS antennas specifically tuned for 462MHz frequencies on the GMRS. These antennas work with GMRS two way way radios, including the Wouxun KG-805G. This value pack includes one of each, with an SMA Female antenna connector. Fits Wouxun KG-805G, KG-905G, KG-935G and KG-S88G GMRS two way radios. Great ...The owner's manual for the Wouxun KG-935G Plus states the supported frequency bands are 136.000 - 174.995 MHz and 400.000 - 479.995 MHz. I believe GMRS channels are found within the 462 and 467 frequencies. That said, I am a little confused on the relationship between frequency designations like 70 cm and 2 meter and abbreviations like VHF, UHF ...

sks bnat15 See how the new KG-935G Plus differs from the original KG-935G in terms of receiver type, channels, display, battery, and more. The chart shows the key features and upgrades of each model in detail. model ea211002ks araqy baofeng cheap uv9r sounds crystal clear $160 wouxun kg-935g sounds like trash All settings tweaked and tested side by side All available antennas tested:no difference made. Repeater is 2 miles away and nearly 200ft agl WHATS IS WRONG WITH THE WOUXUN?<———question ReplyNov 16, 2021 ... ... Wouxun KG-935G, but these basics apply to most GMRS and ham radios - all brands including Baofeng, Radioddity, Retevis, and Midland. You can ... fylm swpr ba zyrnwys If you do figure out how, you’ll need to consider antenna replacement as well - the gmrs radios have very specific antenna tuning. If you want to play around with a full-range handset I’d suggest a Yaesu with a mars mod. An FT-60 with a mars mod and a diamond antenna would serve you well. A cheaper option would be a Yaesu FT-65 that can be ...I just go over and explain the area A & B functionality as well as the primary channel scan operation. Hope you enjoy. new homes tucson under dollar200klaughlin water taxi aboutsks mqad The Wouxun KG-935G Anniversary Edition! This kit includes everything you need to maximize your GMRS experience! At the core of the package is the KG-935G GMRS Two Way Radio. Designed for the serious GMRS operator, this portable handheld powerhouse has 15 high powered GMRS simplex channels, 8 low powered simplex channels and all 8 GMRS repeater ... schedule an appointment with handr block The Wouxun KG-935G Plus is FCC Part 95E type accepted for use on the GMRS. The KG-935G Plus operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules in the United States. As such, a GMRS license is required to transmit on these frequencies.Could it be that in close proximity to the emitting radio the Wouxun KG-935G detects maybe some kind of "harmonics" or bleed-over into other frequencies? Can somebody explain this or did I get a lemon with serious scanning issues? The only difference between a simplex channel and a repeater channel is that the repeater channel TRANSMITS on 467 ... pant suit macyromanian psl polymer stocknetspor tv canli mac izle 7. Scroll to (or direct enter) the memory channel number you wish to receive the configuration. 8. Press [Menu]+ [Exit] to commit/save your selection. You now have a fresh memory channel created and available to use. 9. Put your radio into channel mode. 10. Scroll to (or direct enter) the memory channel you just added.